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Many readers have questioned why I chose to use a website instead of one of the sites that support blogs.  My answer is that I have had difficulties getting to other’s blogs, at times having to navigate through support sites to find the author I’m seeking.  Rather than have that happen to me I’ve decided to simply use this second site as my blog.


If you like the unusual, the eclectic and the imaginative, you will enjoy reading my books and articles both fiction and nonfiction.  I write mysteries, science fiction/fantasy, and nonfiction, all with a different way of looking at science and history.  Shadow Hands, to be released in July 2012 by Wings Press, is a SF/F about the American Civil War.  This book poses the question “What would both sides do if they were suddenly confronted with an advanced group of invaders who plan to erase them from history?”  Not the usual “what if” question for this historic period.  Shadow Hands is the first in a series of books that explores this idea.

Shadow Hands (2012): Synopsis

Not all universes are at the same historical time.  To Trevor Towsen it is the beginning of 1861 and he has returned to Richmond, Virginia to discover the murderer of his friend, Charles Pettigrew.  His expectations for local help are dashed when he learns that, Claire, Charles’ widow and Towsen’s former fiancé has taken Charles’ mistress as a companion.  Then he learns that the police and a lobbyist are using him for their own ends.

After an attempt on his life, Towsen befriends Tessa Conklin an actress and Jebon Fields, a Freedman with ties to the Underground Railroad.  Tessa’s father was killed by a member of the mysterious Triangle Club with brothels in Richmond, Baltimore, and Washington.  This club is a shell for the Khysid Army: invaders and exploiters of alternate universes.  The brothels are used for recruiting operatives.  Pettigrew was one such operative.  Towsen and his friends must piece together this puzzle before they are killed and their universe invaded.

The next two novels in this series are Parabellum and Cloudwalkers.

The Lethe Gene (2009): Synopsis

Archaeologist Keri St Cloud’s dreams feed her unbidden knowledge and energy, forcing her into an initiation as a shaman and one who remembers.  Agent Ray Glover, her ex-husband, requests her help a request that sends her on a journey to confront her past life and the man who killed her trying to steal her talent.  In this quest she is aided by guides from alternate reality, one being her mother in a previous life, who was also killed by this man and suspended in a void so she could not reincarnate.  Keri knows this man as a former professor who now works with a secretive genetic research company.  Men and women at this company have been murdered to keep the secret of the Lethe Gene, but it is Keri who unravels the mystery in order to save her own life and the lives of people who carry this gene.

The Haunted Foothills (2011): M. A. Mogus and Ed Kelemen: Synopsis

Western Pennsylvania is haunted.  Read about paranormal happenings at a variety of sites including homes, historic buildings, museums, theaters, and universities.  Even scenic areas have their share of wandering spirits.  Available from Smashwords and an E-Book, or from the gift shop at Westmoreland Historical Society.  Also available from either author at various books signings and events see the events button on the website.

Jaguar’s Mirror (2006): Synopsis

Diego SiSilva escapes death at the hands of the man he called father, only to be thrust into an uncertain future with a shadowy Cortez, his alien allies the Dark Suns, and a Mexica emperor determined to drive Cortez and the Dark Suns from the New World.  Diego must overcome his fear of his psychic abilities and escape from Cortez if he is to survive.  His curiosity about a book called The Codex of Flowering Butterfly ends with a chance encounter with a Dark Suns’ alien device.  Diego flees to the Mexica where he confronts his greatest fears and trains as a Light Dancer to aid them.  As he is drawn deeper into the conflict between enemies, he discovers that knowledge is his best ally.  Available from iUniverse and a paperback and from Amazon and Barnes & Noble as an E-book.

Many Genres: One Craft (2011)

I also have a chapter “Set in History” in Many Genres: One Craft, edited by Michael A. Arnzen and Heidi Ruby Miller, Headline Books, Inc.  This is available as a hardback or an E-book www.headlinebooks.com.

There is a short bibliography of some of my other work under additional publications.

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